7 Principles of Self-Healing

7 Principles of Self-Healing, 

Ego2Eco (self) coaching 


Personal Leadership Transformation from Within

After 8 years of internal and external research, I came up with 7 Principles of Self-Healing, Ego2Eco (self) Coaching & Personal Leadership Transformation from Within. It is mainly based on my own experience, but also on theories like Sustainability, Psychology, Theory U, Buddhism, Physical Exercise, and Spirituality. And many, many, many hours of meditation and self reflection. Enjoy, take care, and please don´t hesitate to ask me any question related to this. 

1. Self - Care

Care for yourself. Take a bath, shower, a facial treatment, a body scrub, a massage, an acupuncture treatment.. whatever makes YOU feel healthy, well, and happy.

Massages (even by yourself) can have great benefits for your physical as well as mental health. Look it up, it does wonders! And it warms you up in Winter time :). But be careful, because it is not always advised to do. 

Music is also a great way to boost up your mood. Whatever makes you happy, relax, energize, laugh, dance, cry: turn it on and enjoy! 

2. Self - Reflection

Reflect on yourself. Am I happy with myself? Where can I improve? What am I proud of? Without any judgement whatsoever. 

3. Reflection on Relationships

Reflect on your relationships. What makes you happy? What not? And can / do I confront people with their behaviour when I´m not happy with it in a respectable, open, and transparent manner? Do I say I care for my loved ones? Do I say I love them? 

4. Ego to Eco (Self) Coaching

Then from the above 3, comes the Ego2Eco (Self) Coaching: watch your Ego (destructive-inner child) telling you to be better, having more stuff, money, job, whatever. It always wants more of everything. Be aware of it first of all, then try to go against it. In the Mental Health Sector we speak of ´contra-behaviour´: going against your impulses, destructive behaviours, feelings, thoughts, and make them constructive ones. Find your inner peace, strength and wisdom. Find your Intuition from within, then the ego desolves by itself. 

Important to mention is that there is the ´Healthy Ego/Eco´ and the ´Destructive-Inner child Ego´. We aim here for the healthy one, which is based on healthy self-esteem, inner purpose and drive, and respect, care and equality for oneself, each other and nature. 

5. Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition

Watch your intake of ´bad´ food, beverages, alcohol, smoking etc. Aim for (your) highest possible healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Smoothies, (less or no) alcohol, no smoking, lots of vegetables, vegetarian/vegan food, some meat and fish is ok, and cook for yourself. 

6. Meditation & Neurofeedback & (Positive) Psychology

One of the last, but one of the most important ones: Meditation. Meditate with an app and/or course every morning and evening. A new routine. It helps you relax, find balance and peace while reflecting all of the other above mentioned steps. 

In addition, I have been going to Neurofeedback since 2019 and it helps my brain to relax, get everything sorted, and speed up the healing process. Sometimes even better and deeper than meditation. 

And off course, a good dose of (positive) psychology can get you quite far as well. 

7. Walking & Sports

Walking and sports are very good not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health.

Walking is like meditation. It puts things in perspective, while being and breathing in the outdoors/nature, and just relaxing while you go.

Sports is just healthy as we all know, and it gets you back in your body. Whatever sports it is, choose yours, and go with it. 

Enjoy! Stay Healthy! Stay Positive!

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