April 6

Corona Loneliness & Re-Program

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Corona has shifted our whole society, all over the globe. And during this time, we are forced to go into quarantine. To go within, and stay at home. And I hear a lot of people, and on the news, talking about the loneliness with it. Yes, it can be lonely, during quarantine and corona time. Very lonely. I know how you feel, because I have been there, many times and for a long time as well. But this can also be good for our own (Social and Ego) system from within. How? I explain further down below.

The past 8 years were rough, especially the last 3 years. Because many times others did not understand me, many could not follow me, they were afraid, or did not care. On top of that, I wanted to heal myself alone, by myself, as long as needed and therefore, I choose many times to lock myself up in my home and put self-quarantine in practice myself. But that came with severe loneliness instead as well. So severe, it was quite dangerous for my health. Indeed, loneliness and lack of social contact can increase heart disease and strokes, as discussed in the study of Valtora, et al. (2015).

However, there is also another side to loneliness: The (New) Social and Ego Re-Programming: What does that mean? Well….:

  1. (Social and Ego) Detox: when you are in lower amount of contact with others, you detox your system from any other influences with high or low energy. In addition, your ego has less room to flare up, because you don´t interact with other people triggering you in it. Being alone means detoxing from others. 
  2. Resetting your system is important if you are to go forward. That means, reflecting upon yourself, others, and your ego. Also important is to reset your health system with good nutrition. 
  3. Reprogramming: you reprogram your (social and ego) system into a healthier one. For instance, if someone has negative energy around you, you let them go from a peaceful standpoint, after you have implemented step 1 and 2. Maybe not as easy as it sounds in the beginning, but it becomes easier once you do it more often. Instead, you put other and healthier people, habits, patterns and behavior in your system. Based on the Values of Eco - Equality between humans & nature.

Here are some other tips to start with against loneliness and the (New) Social & Ego Programming: 

  1. Contact others online, whatsapp, facebook, whatever you like. Not too much, because that would degrade the effect of the (new) Social & Ego Programming. 
  2. Go outside, and see other people. Keep it close to home to be safe, but go outside if you can. Just seeing other people can already be enough to feel less lonely in this world. 
  3. Chat: Try to see if you can have a chat with your neighbor, or someone in the park you are walking in. Just a chit chat, can be enough already for at least part of the day. 
  4. Take good care of yourself – as always. Prepare yourself a smoothie. Eat other healthy food. 
  5. Check out further tips on the 7 Principles of Self-Healing

Don´t shy away if you want more help and contact me for free coaching if you like. 

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